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Record My Mind: Banal Records of a Pedestrian Life

Suffering and evil overwhelm me and I stew in my own juice. 

Friday, December 03, 2004

12/03/2004 08:20:00 pm - Play The Man, Not The Hand

During lunch many weeks back, Chris lamented how his bimbotic colleague would always get her way with the boss and have all her lousy stories published in the paper while he would be having a hard time with his boss over his proposed stories.

A line from a book I read came to mind and I told him about "Play the man, not the hand". Not everyone is persuaded by reason and the best way for you to advance your interests when you deal with such people is to exploit their weaknesses and vanities. Deal with the person and not the position or argument he takes. It's also not about what you say or the merits of your position but how you can exploit the opposite party's personality to endorse your position.

Unfortunately, I'm a pretty bad story teller and nothing in this post does justice to the amount of fun and laughter we had discussing "Play the man, not the hand". Chris was telling me how the pithy quote reminded him of a TV show.

Ever since that lunch, he was so enamoured with the quote that Bel, his girlfriend, tells me that he would bang at her toilet door in the morning and shout it at the top of his lungs. I wish they would send me a video clip of him chanting "Play the man, not the hand" while clapping his hands! He looks like he's singing hymns in Church. It's absolutely hilarious.

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