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Record My Mind: Banal Records of a Pedestrian Life

Suffering and evil overwhelm me and I stew in my own juice. 

Thursday, January 13, 2005

1/13/2005 02:07:00 am - Blackie...

Came home and found that Blackie had shitted in the study. The stench was overwhelming. I wanted to puke as I was cleaning up her shit. It's probably because I'm not used to doing this.

Under any other circumstances, I would have been angry with Blackie. But because she's very ill and would not have normally shitted in the house, I didn't get angry at all; though I was very dismayed that I had to clean up her shit and was retching as I went about it.

I spoke to Dr. Goh earlier in the day, I could not reach Dr. Boon. Dr. Goh said that surgery would be a make or break option. The surgery has at most a 50% chance of success. He cannot currently determine the "at least" chances of success. Only during the surgery, would the vet be able to assess how long she would live after the surgery (if successful) and her quality of life thereafter.

In situations like this, they normally recommend putting down the pet. I asked "When?". Should it be when she cannot walk? Cannot eat? He said that it's about time to put her down and that the tumour/cancer is probably in its advanced stages. He also said the owner would have to decide on this.

I have not been able to get hold of CC. I hope he calls me soon. I'll try to reach him tomorrow.

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