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Record My Mind: Banal Records of a Pedestrian Life

Suffering and evil overwhelm me and I stew in my own juice. 

Saturday, January 01, 2005

1/01/2005 08:30:00 pm - New Year's Eve at Nieurmarkt

I just came back from the second canal boat tour of this trip. The first time was alone. The second time was with the group. I will be posting the pictures when I return to Singapore.

And before I forget (perhaps this should be the description for my blog), I am blogging this down: I spent New Year's eve at Nieurmarkt.

It was awesome! The Dutch really know how to party. This is the first New Year's in recent memory (which is 5 seconds for me on average) that I have spent overseas. And it started with a bang, in fact many big bangs as the fireworks went off all over the place last evening. I know it'll augur well for me for the rest of 2005. Heralding the New Year with lots of fireworks in a city full of canals and water while on the cusp of recovery from my throat infection makes me feel good.

I'll be posting pictures (and videos too if I figure out how to do that) of the following:

Fireworks at Nieurmarkt.

Fleuri (random Dutch person) and me.

A burning car.

Firemen putting out the flames.

Another two random Dutch people (who, for the sake of a good lie, said they set the car on fire).

People dancing on the charred car.

Rubbish on the street from bangers and rockets. See the trash? I told you the Dutch know how to party. It's so sad that most Singaporeans, including me, find it so hard to let go most of the time. This is in contrast to the Dutch, they really let go when they let go. I wish we had parties in Singapore where everybody goes to the streets, make lots of noise and throws lots of rubbish. How full of life! I believe the last party of that sort that took place in Singapore was Swing Singapore.

Me holding two firecrackers used for setting off avanlanches and "quite illegal in the Netherlands" (as what another random Dutch source told me). These are apparently only found in Austria and Switzerland.

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