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Record My Mind: Banal Records of a Pedestrian Life

Suffering and evil overwhelm me and I stew in my own juice. 

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

3/02/2005 11:20:00 pm - Wah lau eh

Just got home from my bike lesson at Ubi. Wah lau eh, I still haven't cleared my first practical bike lesson after going for it three times. Instructor Aziz said I need to improve my cornering and speed control. I was doing the figure of 8 too slowly. At least I'm getting better.

Today, I've learnt these things:

Blogger C. said...

I see so now you're into bikes. You never fail to surprise me dude.  

Anonymous Chris said...

- When braking at high speed, release throttle, use both front and rear brakes, press the clutch and shift down gear, release the clutch and then the brakes.
At high speeds, use front brake almost exclusively, with token pressure on rear brake so your rear brake light illuminates for instructors to see. The rear brake is bad news at anything above crawling speeds, whether you're taking lessons or are a licensed rider. It locks easily, causing skids and slides, and is not an efficient way to decelerate since weight is transferred to the front wheel during braking.When braking at slow speed, e.g. 1st gear, press the clutch first, then the brakes.
This only applies to crawling speeds. Also, at such speeds, use the rear brake almost exclusively to achieve the smoothness instructors and testers want to see. Apply token pressure to front brakes to illuminate the front brake lights to show the instructor you're using them. They want to see you using both front and rear brakes. When you're stationary, you should have both brakes applied.When doing the figure of 8, keep the throttle constant and use only the rear brakes.
Line of sight is crucial here. You steer where you look. This applies in general to steering bikes.Brake slowly in a steady continuous manner. No need to jam brakes on the circuit.
You'll have to lighten your brake pressure whenever you're using engine braking, ie. as you downshift during braking, in order to maintain smoothness. So, your brake pressure will have to vary - hard, then softer when you clutch out after downshifting, then hard again, etc.When coming to a stop, look in front and lean your weight slightly to the left.
And don't forget to keep both brakes applied until you move off  

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