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Record My Mind: Banal Records of a Pedestrian Life

Suffering and evil overwhelm me and I stew in my own juice. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

4/27/2005 06:39:00 pm - Moving

I'm moving tomorrow morning. Took leave today. Here's a record of what I did today:

  1. Cleared the masterbed room of my stuff, which involved the following:
    • moving my TV and DVD player from the Masterbed room to my mum's room
    • moving the sofa down the stairs alone
    • emptying the wardrobe of my clothes.
  2. Moved best friend's TV, DVD and VCD player from my mum's room to the Masterbed room
  3. Packed clothes into a box
  4. Got the grass cut (way way long overdue).
    • Was quite satisfied with the service.
    • If anyone is interested, I can pass you the contact.
    • I tried advertising on Craig's list for a grass cutter/gardener some months back but to no avail.
  5. Got the contractor next door to fill the patch of sunken ground next to the garage with soil
    • My next action is to call him one month from now for him to plaster that patch of sunken ground, repair the garage shed and remove the fence.
  6. Got rid of old newspapers and clothes.
  7. Redirected my credit card mail from Standard Chartered Bank to my Clementi address
  8. Confirmed the time of move tomorrow and the price with the mover.
How I wish I have someone to help me. Doing items 4 and 5 together today was a good call because it means I save a trip down to Dunearn Road from Clementi.

I miss my camera, I want to take pictures of Dunearn Road before I move, capture how the house looks like with all the boxes below (I'm in the study now).

I also managed to buy two books today: David Ogilvy's Confessions of an Advertising Man and Michael Ondaatje's The Collected Works of Billy The Kid.

I managed to read a bit of the Ogilvy book. He has an amazing ability to tell good stories that keep you engaged. I wanna be a storyteller too! Here's an amusing excerpt from the Background chapter of Ogilvy's book:
Max Beerbohm once told S.N. Behrman, "If I was endowed with wealth I should start a great advertising campaign in all the principal newspapers. The advertisements would consist of one short sentence, printed in huge block letters - a sentenced that I once heard spoken by a husband to a wife: 'My dear, nothing in this world is worth buying.' "
Another interesting story from when Ogilvy used to work as a chef at the Hotel Majestic in Paris:
Our chef patissier was equally eccentric. Every night he left the kitchen with a chicken concealed in the crown of his Homburg hat. When he went on vacation he made me stuff two dozen peaches into the legs of his long underwear. But when the King and Queen of England were given a state dinner at Versailles, this roguish genius was chosen from all the patissiers in France to prepare the ornamental baskets of sugar and the petits fours glaces.
Got to dash off to meet girlfriend now.

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